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Professional Concrete Crack Repairs Sydney

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Has a concrete wall or floor in your home developed a significant crack? Has a brick and mortar wall become cracked or damaged?
While cracks can arise from a range of reasons, they may indicate a more serious problem with your home’s foundations.

When the earth underneath a building’s foundations becomes too wet or too dry due to leaks or ineffective drainage, the ground can swell or contract and cause damage to the foundations. When this occurs, enormous pressure can crack walls and even split heavy concrete slabs and brick walls.

If this is the situation at your Sydney home or business, concrete crack repair or brickwork repair is likely to involve more than just a cosmetic fix, and the building may require foundation repair and underpinning.

Professional Concrete Crack Repairs Sydney 2
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How We’re Different

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With over 28 years of experience as Sydney’s leading concrete crack wall, door and brickwork repair specialists, A1 Underpinning uses the latest approaches and equipment to not only fix cracks, but also resolve their root cause.

We offer safe, professional and hassle-free services, and we go above and beyond to ensure you’ll have peace of mind if you engage with our team.

If you suspect that you need concrete crack repair or brickwork repair because of damaged foundations, make you contact us or send us an online enquiry.

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Client Testimonials

Mark came out on time to provide a quote for a floor levelling and brick pier replacement work. He took his time to explain how the situation may have occurred and options to remedy. Certainly seems to know his stuff. Was able to talk about the modifications that were done to the house from what he was seeing in the foundations. We haven’t proceeded with the works yet, but I know where I’d be heading.

5 stars
Manish Gupta

Mark and his team have done two projects at my house. They fixed the sinking floor and helped to fix a disaster project by another tradie. These guys are fantastic! Their quote is reasonable, always comes on time, does a great job and keeps the place clean after themselves. Very professional and experienced, give honest advice and suggest the best approach. I am very happy with the results and will gladly work with them again.

5 stars
Evgeny Novikov

Thanks to Mark & his team for an extremely professional job!!
We were really impressed (as were our neighbours) at the level of care taken especially with regard to access, the tricky nature of the site and for the clean up afterwards. They definitely live up to their name and we would have no hesitation in recommending A1 Underpinning.

5 stars
Lisa McGuinness

Concrete Crack Repairs FAQs

There are many reasons why concrete cracks, including:

Shrinkage: As concrete dries, it shrinks. This can cause cracks if the concrete is not allowed to dry evenly.

Settlement: Cracks can occur when the ground underneath the concrete settles or shifts.

Temperature changes: Concrete can crack when it is exposed to extreme temperature changes, such as during winter freezes and summer heat waves.

Cracks in concrete or brick floors and walls may be the result of damaged or subsiding foundations. If left ignored, this can lead to costly damage to your home in the future and may compromise your family and investments.

For a quote on a concrete crack brick, mortar, gyprock wall repair services contact us today.

There are several ways to prevent concrete cracks, including:

  • Using a quality concrete mix: Be sure to use a concrete mix that is designed for the specific purpose you are using it for.
  • Reinforcing the concrete: Adding reinforcement, such as steel bars or mesh, can help prevent cracks by providing extra support.
  • Using expansion joints: Expansion joints allow for movement of the concrete and can help prevent cracking.

If you’re working on a concrete project in the future, it would be great if you can observe the steps aforementioned.

There are several different types of concrete crack repairs, including:

Stitching: Stitching involves drilling holes into the concrete and inserting steel or fibreglass rods. The rods are then secured in place with grout or epoxy.

Sealing: Sealing is a common repair method for hairline cracks. The crack is filled with a flexible sealant, such as polyurethane or epoxy.

However, if the cracks are caused by foundation issues, a more complex method has to be in place such as structural restoration or underpinning.

If you suspect concrete cracks in your home are caused by underlying foundation issues, contact us today.

There are several benefits of concrete crack repairs, including:

Preventing further damage: Cracks can allow water and other contaminants to enter, which can cause further damage to the concrete.

Improving appearance: cracked concrete can be unsightly. Repairing cracks can help improve the appearance of your concrete.

Increasing strength: Repairing cracks can help increase the strength of the concrete, making it less likely to crack in the future.

If the cracks however are caused by foundation issues, and we’ve fixed it, you will get to enjoy so many benefits and the best benefit is having peace of mind knowing that your family and home is safe.

There are a few potential drawbacks to concrete crack repairs, including:

Cost: Depending on the size and severity of the cracks, repairs can be expensive.

Time: Repairs can take time, depending on the repair method used.

Inconvenience: Depending on the repair method used, repairs can be disruptive and inconvenient.

However, once the root cause of the issue is fixed, you will enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Looking to ensure your home’s concrete is free from cracks? Contact us today.